Recently I heard an insightful illustration about 2 business owners in the early 90s. Both businesses were fairly successful selling the same product: Radios.

Joe, the owner of the first store, knew everything there was to know about the radio business. He sold them, repaired them and could rattle the brands off without even thinking. When asked "What business he was in" he would throw his shoulders back, stand a little straighter and reply, "The Radio Business."

Sam also owned a store that sold radios. He too, could be considered a radio expert. However, when he was asked, "What business are you in?" he would smile broadly and reply, "The Communication Business".

It’s finally here! A book that was birthed from a course curriculum I was preparing for a class at the local University that I teach at, has FINALLY been released! And whether you’re a student, a designer or just someone interested in taking the next step with Social Media, this book is for you!

Rather than talking “about the book”, I’m going to include a short excerpt for you to enjoy:

Social Media and You
So you wanna promote your brand? Drive traffic to your site? Get noticed on the Web? Sounds a little overwhelming doesn’t it?


If you could learn the ins and outs of marketing in 31 days would you do it? It's just a month, but now you can. In this book, JP Jones, breaks down the marketing process by explaining 31 facets of marketing—one day at a time—leaving you with actionable steps to put into practice regardless of your product or business genre.

31 Days of Marketing is now available to purchase! Head over to the official website and grab your copy!

JP Jones is being featured in "Present This! Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Presenting And Public Speaking And Were Afraid To Ask”.

"Present This! Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Presenting And Public Speaking And Were Afraid To Ask” is a conversation about public speaking and presentation skills with those who do it best – real people who speak for a living, including public speakers, presenters and trainers across industry sectors.

Here are a few responses, with insight on how to present, from JP Jones, which are featured in the book:

15. What business are you in and what services does it offer?

I’m a serial entrepreneur in the Communications industry. I’ve had the honor of establishing and helping to establish four successful companies that make up our agency group. Each company has it’s own client list and it’s own niche in the industry, but together they work to give our clients a full-service experience by providing a solution for every need if they want to stay within our company circle.

Our largest company is Collipsis Web Solutions where we handle everything from web development to online marketing. Then we also have Paige1Media and Pa  ige1Publishing a graphic design and small print publishing company respectively.  And finally, our fourth company is Hootpress Conversion House which provides ebook conversions for authors. This bandwidth of interests and services provide me with an excellent speaking platform which allows me to present on a variety of topics and fields.

JP Jones guest stars on “Today's Leading Women” radio talk show with host Marie Grace Berg. On the show's 189th episode, JP Jones talks about why staying on top of technology matters. From talking about the biggest challenges, such as: finding balance between work and life, to advice, like going the extra mile, JP provides her take on how to manage a business and staying on top of technology, based off her own personal experiences.

To hear the radio appearance, please click here.

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