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A Beginner’s Guide to Social Media

It’s finally here! A book that was birthed from a course curriculum I was preparing for a class at the local University that I teach at, has FINALLY been released! And whether you’re a student, a designer or just someone interested in taking the next step with Social Media, this book is for you!

Rather than talking “about the book”, I’m going to include a short excerpt for you to enjoy:

Social Media and You
So you wanna promote your brand? Drive traffic to your site? Get noticed on the Web? Sounds a little overwhelming doesn’t it?

Well, if you are armed with the proper tools and tasks to get the job done, it’s simply a matter of being willing to put the time and effort into your venture. When establishing a brand, company, ministry or business in today’s marketplace, one of the primary necessities to success is having a successful Web site. Notice I didn’t say “having a Web site”. The phrasing is “having a SUCCESSFUL Web site”. What’s the difference?

A Mall in the Desert
Today, with the democratization of information and technology, simply having a Web site is NOT enough to get you noticed. Creating a Web site is like building a mall in the middle of the desert. It may be the biggest mall in the world, with tons of stores and something for everyone, but if it’s in the middle of the desert who finds it? but if it’s in the middle of the desert then who finds it?

The first step to getting customers to visit your mall is building an Interstate Highway right beside it. Why an Interstate? Why not a winding 2 lane road? The Interstate offers a “convenient” route to travel. The traffic moves fast and the curves are few. Is that all it takes? Just building a road? The road is a start but it’s not the complete picture. For the road to be successful, there must be road signs, billboards and exits.

Visit the “MarketYourself: The Book” Web site to order your copy today!